Slim and Sassy Challange!

I am doing the Slim and Sassy Challenge!

Every January, many people sit down and think about what they would like to do for the upcoming year.  I understand that with our busy lives, work, children and chores, that setting goals or even setting intentions can be difficult.  I know that for myself that this has been difficult. Since I have had a child I feel that this process is even more important.  For this year I am setting goals and I’m working towards them every day.

For the month of January I have given up sugar!  This has been up and coming for the past several months.  Through the Christmas season as I engorged myself on holiday sweets, I developed a burning passion for January 1st to come.  I couldn’t wait for my January sugar cleanse.  Well January 1st came a day early for me…I thought that it was Monday instead of Sunday, I was a bit sad. I was expecting a day full of sugar, alas I put away the easy sugar snacks in my house and started using my essential oils.  doTERRA has a blend just for food cravings! Slim and Sassy!  Thus I started the Slim and Sassy Challenge!

Slim and Sassy is this amazing blend of essential oils that helps to increase your metabolism, curb cravings, increases the flavor of foods and encourages you to drink more water.  The side effect of Slim and Sassy-increased energy, eating less food, and WEIGHT LOSS.  Who couldn’t benefit from those side effects?  Slim and Sassy contains Ginger, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Lemon and Grapefruit.  These oils help to detox your body-pull toxins out of fat, help to flush these toxins out of the body so that your liver doesn’t just store them away again in new fat.

Ginger stimulates weight loss by helping get the fat out of the fat cells, it also helps with digestion.  Cinnamon stops the body from producing more fat cells! Helps to balance glucose, is an antioxidant and helps the body to regulate cholesterol. Peppermint is great at helping to curb cravings and aids in digestion.  Grapefruit and Lemon control cravings but they also help your body pull toxins out of fat and flush the toxins out of your body. 

I am still going strong with no sugar.  I am losing weight, 5lbs this week! I also have increased energy, which has helped me exercise more.  I am so excited to write more about the results as the months go on.

How do I use Slim and Sassy?

First thing in the morning I take a few drops under my tongue (3-5 drops) and then I drink a whole glass of water.  I am having a Trim Shake which is anther doterra product.  It tastes great, it contains whey, pea and rice protein and ashwagandha root. Ashwagandha Root is an anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, stress reliever, antioxidant, mind power boosting, immune stimulant, and has rejuvenating properties.  After my morning meal, every time I have a craving for sugar I take some more Slim and Sassy with a whole glass of water.  Before I eat lunch I take some more.  In between lunch and dinner I take Slim and Sassy 1-2 more times and then I am done for the day, (unless I have a really bad craving).  All in all I am taking about 25 drops a day of the essential oil.

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