Foot Detox

I tried another foot detox with essential oils this week and it was wonderful.

Take 2 9×13 Pyrex casseroles pans and put into a 180degree oven until hot.

Mean while apply essential oils to the bottles of your feet.  I like to use any citrus oils and add cassia (dilute, it is a hot oil) and frankincense.  Put on some nice heavy wool soaks.  Put a towel on the ground and have 2 blankets on hand.  When you dishes (foot pans) are hot place them on the towel and place a foot in each pan.  Wrap you feet and legs in one of the blankets and cover your top half.

Relax and imagine the toxins being pulled from your feet. When you feel done and the pans have cooled put some new socks on and move on with your day.