Finding Balance

I have been finding my Balance.

In March my daughter turned 2 and with that she also started climbing out of her crib.  Nap and bed time have been well different.  In Portland we are starting to see the beginnings of spring with a few sunny days.  I have been feeling excited about digging and getting my garden on.  But then there is the yard sale that I have planned for the beginning of May…  Now with my house torn apart, half because of the prepping for the yard sale and the rest from having little time to clean with my active 2 year old.  I have felt, well, out of balance.

Balance is the first essential oil blend that I was introduced too.   It has a very special place in my heart.

When I apply Balance to the bottoms of my feet and chest it brings a calmness over me immediately.   The sensation is similar to how I feel when I look out over a lake in the early morning.  The air is crisp and the earth feels solid.  The warmth of a tea cup warms my soul with each sip.  A stillness settles over me.  This is what Balance creates every time I use it.  It bring me home.

doTERRA’s Balance Essential Oils blend contains Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, and Frankincense.

Balance is a go to oil.

I love being able to use Balance to ease children’s night times fears, to help them relax before going to bed and the ease a child into the warmth and comfort this essential oil brings. This also goes for adults!  Balance is great to add to a bedtime ritual!  I apply 2 drops to the bottoms of my feet every night.  I then cup my hands over my nose and breathe deeply until I feel relaxed.

Anytime I am entering into a stressful situation whether I am going to the dentist, a job interview, or being put on hold by my phone company I use Balance.

Balance is really wonderful for grounding, when I feel disconnected to my body it brings the roots back.

With all of it’s relaxing, stress reliving, emotional balancing it really does add another level to meditation and yoga practices.