My doTERRA Story

Since high school I have been interested in essential oils.  My mother had a few books on the subject that I would flip through when I was sick.  I remember when I left for college and came down with bronchitis, I went to the health food store and bought a few essential oils.  I put them in a bowl of hot water and inhaled, praying that they would give me some relief.  When they didn’t, I resorted to over the counter pharmaceuticals.

I have always liked the idea of using essential oils.  It has always made sense to me, medicine from the Earth.  Unfortunately, before doTERRA, I had never had any significant results using essential oils.  Once I did put Birch on my shoulder and ended up with a rash for a week.  The essential oils that I was using never made my stuffy nose go away, they never really made my tummy issues better and a lot of the time I ended up with a rash.  So, I stopped using them.

During my pregnancy I thought about picking them up again for my nausea.  Again I went to the health food store but on all of the bottles, warning were screaming from the labels.  Warning about ingesting them, not applying directly to the skin without dilution and not intended for pregnant women and children.  I was confused.  I thought that essential oils came from plants.  I thought that they would be safer then over the counter medication.  Were they not natural? I have rubbed peppermint leaves between my fingers and have smelled the essential oils with no reaction.  Why did these bottles feel so dangerous to me?

Before putting anything on my body that might harm my developing baby, I did my own research and learned a little about the essential oil industry.   I started to notice that not all oils are created equal. Many essential oils are adulterated and contain synthetic chemicals or compounds.  Yuck!   At this point of my pregnancy I completely turned away from essential oils.

The day after my daughter was born is a day I will never forget.  Not only did I have a new being in my arms but a very good friend of mine came over to visit bringing gifts.  She brought two essential oils with her.  She told me that she had looked into the company, that these oils were like no other, that they were pure and potent and were safe for me and my new child.

She poured me a glass of water and put several drops of Wild Orange into it.  Explaining that it would help to balance my crazy postpartum hormones.  She showed me the supplement facts on the side of the bottle.  As I looked at this little bottle of essential oil I noticed that all the warnings were missing, that there were supplement facts.  I took a drink from my glass and I couldn’t help but smile.  The orange was so intense and soothing.  I felt the stress and the worry drift out of me.  I was hooked and I let her slather me in the second bottle she brought, a blend called Balance.  She put Balance on my feet and chest.

When she left I felt like a new person.  I wanted to get these oils too.  A few weeks later I asked my dear friend how to get these oils.  By this point I had cured Lucy of tummy pain and gas.  I had soothed her diaper rashes and we were both sleeping well.  My friend guided me to become a doTERRA Independent Product Consultant aka IPC.

I was never planning on selling the oils.  I just wanted them at a cheaper price, but immediately I started getting my oils for free.  When I had company over, they would smell the oils in the air and on our skin.  I would offer them a glass of water with some Wild Orange and they would fall in love, just like I did.  I would order them a bottle.  Thus I was selling enough oils every month to receive mine for free.

doTERRA changed my life.  I love the oils because they are easy to use and they work.  I know that they are safe for my family.  I don’t worry about side effects like other medication.  I am so thankful that there is a company who is dedicated to purity and potency like doTERRA is. The oils are tested for impurities and therapeutic value.  

I trust and love this company. I am so happy that I am apart of it!

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